.NET 4.5 is red on windows 10

windows 10 has .NET 4.6 now which is backwards compatible according to microsoft

no win10 around yet…
could you please check with latest alpha if problem persists?

after installing .net 4.6 on a windows 7 system, .net 4.5 is showing red ! same same here.

@u7angel did you try this with beta34 and/or alpha34.100?

.Net 4.5 is red on win10

@Noir for which version of windows and which version of vvvv?


On beta33.3 and 33.7
with x86 x64 it’s red

I have just download last beta and
It’s green on beta34 x64

v33.7 is showing red 4.5 right after installing 4.6
it was green before.

hence the 4.6 installation is doing something to the way you checked the .net version with previous with v4 versions.

ok, now please also check with latest b34.1 which should already have this fixed.

34.1 wasnt the problem

it breaks previous versions

ok, well that is possible, because that was before the fix. anyway “breaking” is probably a bit too hard to say as it would always just have been setup.exe that misinterpreted the system-state. everything should still have worked, only setup.exe reported wrongly.

yes, “breaks” is exaggerated.

our exhibit softwares use an automated startup including a silent setup check. all projects below 34.1 now popup with an .net error which is an inconvenience.