.NET 4.0 unsupported still?

Hi devs

Is it true that .NET 4.0 is still unsupported
It’s necessary for Kinect SDK (.NET rather than c++)

I remember this was true a while back but thought it became a non-issue
am i missing something?


announcement pending…

directx 11?!


♪♫♪♪ Somewhere over the rainbow… ♫♪♫♪

when’s 7-Bit ASCII Art coming? that’s what I wanna know

Don’t do it devvvvs,

I’ve heard you can’t make quads!!!

a) something’s coming soon enough (e.g. days/weeks rather than months) that will change the answer to this question, so rather than me explaining here, just a wait a bit (happy face, expect something soon!)
b) we haven’t announced anything to do with this, we’ll announce it if and when it comes (authoritive face, dont expect anything)


i like where this thread is going… :)

Indeed you send a point and extrude in geometry shader, much more fun :)

Ask vux to stop slacking and publish the c++ plugin ;)

We’re in the process to port vvvv to Atari ST, stay tuned…

Can’t wait till Christmas :)

@flateric please unslack vuxen

@flateric: plz add proper support for STE blitter and dma audio. kthxbye

it is in here: vvvv-sdk-on-github