Nested loops / splitting spreads


how do i make a loop inside another loop, without frame delay (can’t lose time).

if i have 10 spreads with 3 slices in one big spread with 30 slices and want to insert each subspread at a different position (positions are in another spread) into another big spread…
how would i do that?

as i see it, there is no way to treat spreads like single elements (slices), is there?
you can have an ordered process in one node, but not beyond that? like a spreaded getSpread will pass on all spreads at once in one big spread…

Have a look at the GetSlice & SetSlice Help patches and read the doc about BinSize.

and use various cleverly consed I (Spreads) to create one spread of indices. Then use one big GetSlice to do all reshuffling at once.

oooh BinSize…

so THAT is what that’s for! :D

thanks for the quick help!