Needs your help ! I wanna use 3D glasses with v4

Hey v4 Users!
I want to know some ideas and process to use v4 with 3d glasses.
(this type of glasses for being used to play computer games.)
I want to run virtual images with v4 by wearing 3d glasses.


  1. Teach me how to run this 3d equipments with v4.
  2. and Show me some exampls or works to refer to my idea.
  3. or any other ideas you want me to know.

If my question is too wide, I would welcome your detail question.
I needs your help ‘-’

this is our glasses for projects.

  • and 1more thing I want to know.
    Does any one know about using “3d sync in” (it is also from nvidia 3d glasses)

hei jeong,

i’ve never tried such glasses with vvvv but chances are that they make any vvvv content viewable in 3d (as long as you specify a camera-transformation on the renderer) automatically as this is a transformation that can be done in the graphic cards driver. if not it will probably be hard to find out without us getting our hands on such glasses…

where did you read about “3d sync in”? not sure what you mean with that.

ps: don’t start your lines with a space as that will put all your text in boxes. i removed the spaces/boxes in your first two posts.

nvidia writes, that you need a screen which supports 120fps… i could not test this as i only have tft screens.

Hey, Joreg! Thanks for reply “3d sink(either synk) in” is a hole setuped on the 3d glasses controller.
above nvidia 3d glasses site has a image with glasses and controller.
Then do you know some examples , v4 files that has a 3d image runed with shutter glasses not the red-cyan glasses

tonflim ! thanks for answering but we already have hardware equipment.
We just want to know some developments using nvidia 3d glasses(shutter type) with v4.
What do you think about that? :)

if you already have the glasses just plug them in, open some patches and see if you get it to work. probably you need to be fullscreen (as tonfilm suggested at 120HZ) and have some nvidia driver settings tweaked. to my understanding this doesn’t need any special vvvv tricks.

still not sure what you mean with this:

i don’t have experience with that but shouldn’t this basically work similar to attached patch?

very simple approach (6.5 kB)

no, its a nvidia driver thing… you (hopefully) don’t have to do anything special in vvvv:

seconded. we got the same glasses at macina and they work with every direct3d app i tried…
also they seem seem to be quite fragile…

Hey all

Jeong A’s our new junior at Kimchi & Chips
We’re currently fiddling with the NVidia kit to try and get it working

Here’s some more details:

We’re on Windows 7 (need to leave XP safety for nvidia vision to work)

When we go fullscreen at 120fps, we get an error about the software being ‘not rated’
i presume this means that we need to put VVVV into a whitelist somewhere.
anybody seen this before?

Also, when we go 120fps on the projector whilst there’s also a monitor attached, we get bluescreen.
Which isn’t that great…

The 3D sync is a jack input on the back of the transmitter for the glasses. It seems to be an input for external sync.
So one option is to try and force vvvv to run at a clean 120fps (gulp) and switch a voltage on this input manually.
The projector also has a sync output for this purpose. I’m not sure if we use this, how to register which is frame LEFT and frame RIGHT.
Anyway, this is a research project, so we dont mind shifting the sync manually.

I’m presuming that there is some way to make friends with the NVidia driver and get it to do the work for us.
We’ll update with progress as it happens… also the paper and patches at the end of the project will be published on our blog (we made that part of the original contract).

Thanks for being helpful to Jeong A! hopefully she’ll be getting into vvvv a bit more as time goes on…


i tried it a few months back, and it worked just fine with the samsung 2233 and the nvidia 3d vision kit alongside a gtx285.

once i put the renderer to fullscreen mode and tinkered with ctrl+alt+insert a little, it turned 3d. renderer was in 60hz mode.

win7 has expired some time ago, so sorry to be of no more help. but it did work out of the box!

got this working now.
for some reason it’s working ‘out of the box’ now after a week of it not doing.
think i must have made a simple mistake somewhere in the setup before

… a friend invited me to try the nvidia 3D glasses, with my Optoma ex762, it is 3D rated, but for the Optoma glasses, anybody knows if it ll work with the nvidia?

as far as i know nvidia glasses are synced via the ir emitter and not compatible for dlp-link technology which is the one used on such projectors. but if you have the emitter and the glasses the sync should work, not via dlp link but via nvidia’s external emitter sync. so no need to activate 3d function on the projector i think, it should work as a regular screen. not sure of that though

Ok I ll let you know as soon as we try out…

we were using a benq projector with nvision 3d
it worked entirely as expected.
I’m not sure if that’s true for all 120Hz projectors.
The drivers seem to deal with monitors and projectors differently

there’s also an external input on the nvidia emitter, which allows for external sync from another source (i.e. your projector).

Sorry for bringing this thread back…

I would like to know if somebody got this setup working on a macbook pro (read nvidia 9600M GT)

That would make my life extremely happy :)

Thanks for any response!!

hi puig,
in theory there’s no problem with your videocard, it’s supported by 3dvision, so it should run fine (of course with windows installed instead of osx ;)))
tried with other mobile videocards (gtx260m) and no problems

Hi screamer!

Thanks so much for pointing this out! I will make the shopping list much more relaxed now :)

Actually I’m currently looking at this projectors:

Sharp PG-D50X3D
The DepthQ® HDs3D-1
ViewSonic Pro8500

If anyone has experienced them please let me know your opinions!

Thanks !