Need help with Timeliner

Dear all,

Timeliner seems a bit mysterious to me.
I want to create the following Countdown-Animation:

  1. Waiting for a initial Bang to play a “are you ready?”-Message
  2. When Bang comes, playing the “are you ready?”-Animation
  3. Waiting for a second Bang to play the Countdown
  4. Play Countdown ;).
  5. If the Countdown-Bang hits while the “are you ready”-Animation is playing, it should directly switch to the Countdown-Animation.

Shouldn’t be that hard… But somehow it’s not doing what I want. Guess its a 30-second-job for someone knowing the Timeliner :-).

Would be awesome if someone can show me!
All the best! Julez

countdown.v4p (9.9 kB)

try: in the automatakeyframe that holds
onReady play
to add in a second line
onCountdown next

thank you joreg, we’re getting closer!

now there’s only one remaining issue:
if the animation stops after the first part and waits for the Countdown to be hit, I have to hit the Countdown twice. Shouldn’t it do the job with just one bang, too?

By the way, what does the “AllInOne”-Checkbox do?

thanx and best, Julez!

indeed that seems to be a bug. as a workaround i can only suggest to move the handling of play/pause to outside of the timeliner using its Play.

ah okay, too bad. And yes, with a bit of workaround everything works.

Thank you for your help!
Best, Julez