Need help: want to discern a changing shape from Camera-video

hallo, I`m new of v4.
For my project I need to discern different shapes from camera-video.
I have tried to connect the camera with vvvv and adjust the quality of video. There is a darkgray square(handkerchief) in the middle of video.

What I need is:
discern the difference betwenn the two shapes…
hmmm, I hope there is a signal, when the angle of square(handkerchief) is creased.

thanks thanks ~~


thanks ggml.
i have tried the “framedifference”.
When i want to dicern the change of different angle, what could i do?
Should i cut the video into 4 parts? and how can i do it?

does anyone know, how can I separate a video image into several parts?
just like in the picturer, I want to seperae the black square into 4 parts:

every angle means a function, wenn i crease “a” (see the picture), the programm should send a signal-a. wenn i crease “b”, the programm send signal-b. etc.

how can i do it? which note should i use?

thanks a lot.

you can do pipet frame difference technically

If you want to put a quarter of your image on a quad, you need to transform the texture, so connect a transform to the Texture transform and play with the values. But that is not really what you want to do here.

What could work, is take some pipet colors, get an avarage Mean (spectral), put it in a queue, and just keep on comparing if you get more white or black. Use HSV (color split) to get the “value”.

Or just simply Make a “fold” detection if the amount off black is below a certain value. Like I epxlained here: :D

thank you all.
I have bilded it with pipet and Blend and it works good.