Need help to create 3d chromadepth effect

Hi all, im vjing on a club this saturday and i need to create content for a 3dshow using chromadepth.

i need to do the folowing

i was using 3dmax and after effects, rendering in zdepth ( like the images below ) and appling a hue scale on affter effects to get the righ colors ( red on the front, and blue on the back )

i downloaded the latest vercion of vvvv to check whats new, and i saw that demo file _root_stereogram.v4p and i was sooo happy to see that it was already solved!, the problem its that i cant get it righ yet.

im using the normal and deph shader by but i have several poblems ( sorry, no exprience on vertex shader )
i need to get the colors like in the picture that i post before, the shader works, if the camera its realy close the faces goes red and far away they are blue, but they seem solid blue. i cant get the “fog” effect like on the _root_stereogram.v4p

and on the other hand, if i want to use that shader, how do i use a linearspread over a transform node to affect the X file ?

i frgot to upload the project
the rigth side is the original project, the left one its the new one (5.7 kB)

i have a chromadepth shader at home- can post it here later tonight.

yeahhh that will be great! please :)

i had the habit of copying shaders into the effects folder, which unfortunately got wiped with the last os change.

the important snippet is in the pixelshader

float depth = length(;
if (depth> 1) depth = 1;
if (depth

PhongPointChromaDepth.fx (6.0 kB)

velcrome tnks for the quick reply, can you show me how to use the shader ? i add it into a project and i send a xfile trough the hader but i didt see any change in color, again, i dont know nothing about shaders :(

someone can show me how to use the file please ?
and some basic links to start learning about vertex shader ?