Need help on wave simulation control

I was playing with the wave texture shader , originally coded by gregsn.
I stumble upon a “variation” while changing resolution.

I really like the effect and would like to be able to control the direction of the movement, i tried many things without sucess…

I have attach a patch reproducing the effect

Modified wavesim shader (189.5 kB)

hi sanch,

don’t know if its what you are looking for. but you can add an offset to the uv to add movement into another direction. (189.8 kB)

Thx Tonfilm, i tried that and maybe as you saw you can’t really have a real control over the movement direction, but i guess it is simply impossible due to the pixel neighbour code… only works properly as a diagonal movement…
You can as well simply move the texture coord after but, the resulting texture won’t be tillable anymore.

looping chains of texturefx will render you this type of results. direction will come from the different kern actions.