Need help: Collada 3D model flipped?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to import a 3D model of a right hand, completely rigged, exported from Blender as collada file into vvvv using the ColladaFile node.

Bear in mind, this rigged 3d hand model is a right hand model. The result that I’ve got after importing into vvvv is that the model seemed to be flipped; it became left hand instead. I’ve also enabled backface culling to make sure it wasn’t the issue.

My guess to this problem is either:

a) Blender’s z-axis is the up-axis instead of y; this may have screwed up the 3D model
b) I didn’t export it correctly
c)the ColladaFile node failed to import it correctly OR
d) Any combination of the above.

So, I’m wondering if anybody out there had the same problem and how do I solve this?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

hey this is sometimes very tricky.
But there are hidden pins in the collada node.
just look at it with the inspector.
you can change the coordinate system type.