Need develope program to send some RAM values to Art-net

Hi everyone, I hope to write in the right post, it result very hard for me to figure out where people are speaking about Art-net and developing it.

Well I need a very simple program, able to produce and send a Artnet packet, when some values in RAM changes. This is because I’m using a lighting manager that doesn’t support Artnet (only DMX) and I see it’s very simple to catch the RAM location with DMX values, I just need to send them into the laser emulator to manage it.

If anyone may kindly help here, thank you a lot!

Input values:
Number of DMX channels
Starting RAM location
IP destination address
Checking values for changes every X milliseconds

Artnet packet containing all DMX values if one of them has been changed

hi barabba,

what do you mean by “when some values in RAM changes”? one program cannot access the RAM of another, this will give an access violation error and windows stops the program.

do you have a way to send the values to vvvv via network, midi, DMX interface or so? then it is very easy to send the data from vvvv to an Artnet device.

also read these pages: protocols#dmx art net

thank you for reply,
I’ve a Light control software, where I’ve already configured all lights effects. Unfortunately this program supports only hardware dmx, and nothing else to do (developers refused).
Using WinHex I’ve found the locations in RAM where the DMX values are stored and changes according to the effects in play.
In the software I can integrate a laser fixture and control a laser-emulator (which works with Artnet) (Beamer). I just need to capture the RAM and send it to Artnet, only when one of the bytes are changed (avoiding retrasmit periodically the same command).

You said it’s not possible to access RAM, but actually Winhex does… how it cans?
Thank you

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a terrible idea to hack RAM to route laser controls through vvvv, just for the benefit of Artnet. A better idea is certainly to buy a 2-way dmx-artnet converter.

The grandest idea, of course, is to do all in vvvv ;)

it depends if for you money doesn’t matter. I see the solution very simply via software, I hope I’ll find someone to help me…
By the way I’m not speaking about vvvv, but I hoped to find someone here interested on the idea