Need a RegExpr


could someone give me a hint, how to write a regular expression, that gives out the last folder of a path ?

i have always this formatting:


and i want:


i tried:

( .* ) $

but then i get:


thx !


will give you a spread of

of this spread you could take the last.
if you really have an “end of line” character at the end of the path you would need to remove that beforehand.

alternatively you could use a - (String) node…or two

would be ok for one path, but if i feed in a big spread, i cant know the indices, because i dont know all path depths …

i can use treeview, but treeview changes the spreadcount and i have another index problem. treeview (advanced) has the indices, but doesnt give out all paths … its crazy, i spend the whole afternoon on the simple problem to have two spreads with the same count, one containig all paths, the other just the last folder …

ok. .ok

thats a little more tricky then. took me a while. but how about this:


yupiiii thats it !!

but i have always the \ at the end so


is the solution for me.

thx !!!

you could use: