Navigate in preload frames

Hello guys,

I had a look in the faq and the forum but I didn’t really found about this.

I have a video and i am actually seeking frames in the video to run it, constantly in different directions. My problem is that even with only one video (which is 17 second long and uncompressed) it is still stopping on some images to load the next ones.

Is there a way to pre load only some frames around the one I am on in order not to have the whole video preloaded but just what I need ?

Am I clear ?

Thanks you !

I think that an uncompressed video file is not really use-able for fast searching, but, perhaps, if you run the Queue (Ex9.texture) can help.

Put all you frames in the queue, and use a getslice to access them.

or try player(ex9 texture) and use dds files for fast loading?

Thanks for the quick answers !

I have been trying with the queue, all my frames in (500) and the getslice but it doesnt seem to work… I have been trying with a spread of all my frames in jpeg and with the video entering inf the queue, I am going to try other things.

Here is a piece of my patch about this queue, it doesnt get to work, it just displays the first image.

testqueue.v4p (33.2 kB)

That node is a Filetexture, not a Filestream, so it only works for images.

If you load 500 images in one go, and your GFX card memory can handle it, you don’t need to use a queue.

Also, you can simple use a Slider, copy/paste one from the IObox Advanced helpfile, and use a Map (value), set the Destination max to 500 (assuming we have 500 frames) and use that, make a Frac to see the whole rounded frames if you please.

Hi guys, still in trouble with that !

I used a spread of strings to open my 500 images in a filetexture and display one image with a getslice.

So basically the same patch as i send before, but without the queue.

And it worked until I change computer. Every other one just display like 320 images and not the rest, and the number of images displayed is never the same, that is so weird, I just cannot understand. The other computer are supposed to be more powerfull than the first one so it should totally work.

EDIT : also I am using computers with windows 7 32bits and 64bits with always the 32bits version of vvvv. And when I try to open the directory to update the location of the images, every icon looks like the unknow one from windows.