Native VLC Node and beta29.x


I’ve worked with the VLC plugin using different beta29.x version and VLC version from 2.02 to 2.06. I tried with and whitout preloads.
The Computer is a high end one, with Corei7, 16Go RAM and Fast SSD (550 Mo/sec read / write)
The Windows version is a Win 7 x64 SP1 up to date.
I was using 10 video files .mov H264 with sound of 3045*1050 px

I had weird things :

  • Randomly seek to start. ( few times)
  • Memory leak, seams to keep in memory each video played. So at a point it was crashing. Even with the memory trick ( Large Address Aware, both on vvvv and VLC). Crash appears when changing video files via a Getslice string. Crash were after playing the 10 video files around 2 times.The RAM memory was around 2 Go when crashing.
  • When looping sometimes the position come back to zero sometimes it continues to increment the time.

Before when using I think 27.x and the old v0.5 VLC plug it was running well without any crash with the same kind of video files and hardware.

Anto - DS


i know this is not the point but you should try the texture player, with dds files on this machine you could play 2 full hd without any of the annoying known problems of working with video files… and also with alpha channel!

Sorry if it was out off topic,

  • Do you have the same behaviour in 29.1 and 29.2?
  • Are you starting vvvv with /dx9ex or without?


I have used both beta29 and beta29.2.
I didn’t use /dx9ex for texture sharing.