NanoKontrol losing connection

Hi there,

yesterday, shortly before my live gig I had trouble keeping my nanoKontrol midi controller connected. I have built myself a tool like svvvvitcher to switch between patches and sometimes after switching it just didn’t react anymore. I never had those problems before but I guess it has something to do with those enums? Could it be that those enum ids get changed when I connect a new patch which uses enums as well?
Anyway, I found a solution by just not connecting the midiInput pin of the MidiController node to an enum… (don’t know if that’s really the solution but somehow it worked).

Now I have actually two questions:

  • Am I on the right track or are there other known issues regarding midi controllers?
  • When I lost the connection I always had to restart vvvv completely. Is there any other way to quickly re-establish the connection? I tried “scan for externals” but that didn’t do anything…


Can i look into your patches? I think something wrong with structure or pin names. I’m using novation nocturn controller and never had problems like this.

I had similar issues with other controllers… Create only one midi controller and a spread, Stallone, and multiple send nodes for each of the sliders,knobs,faders and things that you need to use from your controller, all that on one patch.

Then on your project create the receive nodes , for me this way it’s easier and in the possible scenario of a crash or USB disconnection of the controller, just close the midi patch and reopen it. This won’t freeze or force you to stop the rest of the work. Enums it’s a different problem not related to midi, i can’t help you with that because I don’t know enough experience but check on the forums about enums issues.

if usb crash, there will be no rescan of the midi device…
but R and S technique has to be colsely look at, especially if arrays sizes are not matching with stallone node configuration.

about enum, on beta23 there was still a bug around enum.
i think it was resolved.

but maybe you did find a new little bug with complex crash result :-(
joreg will be glad if you think its a bug and help to find it, in his long cruisade for a perfect VVVV

Okay thanks for the answers so far. My technique is just like vjc4 explained. One NanoKontrol-Node with Stallones for the different sliders and knobs. Didn’t try to close and open the node though…

I plan to release the source soon, but first I have to clean it up a bit.

the midi controller out are pointing to a MidiYoke virtual device to run vvvv and Resolume at the same time with the same controller

karistouf you are right :S … i was crazy i guess :P

about the nano controll, i will open them and solder the usb cable. That small connector its verry unstable.