MySQL Database node - Status pin

Hi everybody,

When I use MySQL with php I can ask something to MySQL :

$query = "select * ....";

And then do what I want depends on the result :

if (!$result) { 
$message = "Invalid request : " . mysql_error() . "\n"; 
$message .= "Request completed : " . $query; 

With v4, the “status” pin doesn’t give enought information about the request process so I can’t reproduce that. As you can see in the patch attached, the status pin stay to “OK” whereas it should display an syntaxe error.

And even if the request is correcly execute, the status pin stay to “OK” instead of making a “OK” bang each times a request as been done, so we can’t know if the request as been done correctly or if the ok correspond to the previous request.

So it would be very convenient to have a simple MySQL feedback on status pin as php do.

If this problem is solved, then for example it will be possible to ignore wrong request and just keep the good ones so it will also give a solution to this thread (which is mine :) )

Thanks by advance for your help.

Database problem2.v4p (21.3 kB)