My mesh


can anybody tell me what’s wrong with what i did in the patch.
it crashes as soon as i would touch anything.
should still connect the indices pin form mesh(split) to mesh(join)

what i actually want to do is to create a random cloud of points and them with wires(or lines, whatever u would call them)…any ideas on that?

tak+good night.

selfMeshTest.v4p (18.4 kB)

alo mkl,

i cant confirm your problem. opening your patch and connecting the Indices works fine for me. you could try without the Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh) or with updating your graphic cards drivers. what is happening when you say “it crashes”?

“crash” means that i cannot draw any node connection lines, gui does not respond…

is there some kind of konsole that lets me see what actually happens?

is there a tutorial that describes how to build a mesh from scratch, which nodes are essential and which can be omitted, the deeper meaning of indices and their order???



Load your patch and whithout doing anything in it , add a TTY renderer.
Keepn the TTY window viewable, then save the patch and restart vvv with your patch.

If inner vvvv problem the TTY renderer,on your restart, would display something which would put you on the way of an eventual problem.

What about your computer’s hardware and drivers ?