My first spread attempt

Hello lovely vvvv-community,

Yesterday night I encounter my first basic spread problem. ( Im addicted to v4 xD )

I have a Stopwatch-node and when the Counter is higher than the number in the spread the counter should rise. It do it only once but no more. At 8.15 Sekonds the Counter should be 4 but not 1 :(

I understand why my patch is not working but I cant get my student-head around to get a solution. What nodes to i need to solve this spread problem?

you can use + (Value Spectral) to add the boolean values of the >= node together:

tonfilms solution is the best for this use case, as the output is only dependend on the stopwatch. For a counter you’d have to reset it every run to go back to zero.
Still, to explain what happened in your case, see the following image. You actually had 4 slices in your spread, since you compare the timecode against 4 values. So that results in 4 slices being output by your counter as well, all getting increased by 1 eventually. To get it working the way you expected it to do, throw a OR (Boolean Spectral) in there to have it result in a single bang no matter which slice index the bang happened in your original spread …

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Thanks Guys!!!
Thanks for Value Spectral and the Count-Node! Will add them to my Node Note-List :D

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