My first project - IGRAmatiQ - tool for flash vjs

Hi, after looking for some kind of ready made software, i want to make my own patch for mixing flash movies.

Check the attached mind map to get the idea. I’ll need a lot of help so everybody are welcome to share their knowledge.

I hope, that vvvv isn’t bad solution for this concept, mean… there should not be any performance problems, what do you think?

IGRAmatiQ.png (23.4 kB)

So, i’m on midi module now, want to have 8 layers of sequencers, that will capture midicontrollers movement and then replay them again and again. How can I easily get an index of last changed slice of spread (of midicontrollers)? see attached picture.

midi_snap1.jpg (169.6 kB)

here we go, this should help…

last_control.v4p (8.7 kB)

Hi! It works!!! Thank you… but its just a beginning :))

So i made midi recorder working, but it have few some bugs and one question.

when i change any controller, it creates some kind of ghosting with slices that are driven by sequencers. i think it jumps from value by sequencer and value of last active controller - maybe it have something to do with passing last active to all sequencers together…

and second thing - how can i “reset” any of sequencers? so it will stop playing.

midi_module2.v4p (62.3 kB)

btw, the sequencer is also spreadable. copying the same node x-times is in most cases not necessary, thats what spreads are for. saves even some cpu power. the attached patch should have the same function than yours…

midi_module2_spread.v4p (30.2 kB)

Hi tonfilm! thanks for a pretty cool optimalization :) Now it works and recording too, but still remains that problem with jumping values and recording.

midi_module3.v4p (28.0 kB)

something else, i’ve looked at ur screenshot and if u keep on patching like this, things get really messy. did u know u can encapsulate parts of the patch into new modules ?

if not, download the attached file and drag’n’drop it into your patch. it’s doing the same stuff like the help patch i made for u but just boxed as a node.

right click on this node will reveal the patch and how inputs and outputs are made.

last_module.v4p (8.6 kB)

u7angel: i know that, but after tonfilms spread update i think its pretty simple enough.