Mutli screen video playback app

we are doing some multi screen video playback now but its seems there is a serious lack of simple cost effective ways to control video playback across multiple machines to multiple screens.

we have one machine per screen and generally 3 screens or more needs lots of control. our guys currently use modul8 on the mac which is fine in terms so performance one off events as the licenses are paid for already . but if we want to leave an installation going then having to buy something like modeul8 or arkaos and control them via midi to synchronise playback (if we are splitting one big movie across mutliple screens as in this case) it gets very expensive.

it occurred to me it should simple to set up a client and master processing code to synchronize a playlist of clips across multiple machines… do you think this would be easy to do and set up? ie select a master app have a little inferface to list the name of the clips for each screen in order across all found clients… and then control the order. setup stills to play during holds etc…

the idea would be to make an open source app so other vj’s and video installation artists can use it and avoid having to use buy expensive vj apps just for simple playback control///

what do you guys think. my vvvv is not up to it im afraid, just wondering if anyone is up for making such an applet? or it exists already just needs to be loved by more people?