Mutilpush buttons in touchosc giveing big headache

Hey all,

I am trying to integrate touchOSC into one of my patches. I am able to get slider values out ok, but the multipush bouttons are totally confulsing me. I’ve looked at hexler’s docs and they are really confusing. Dose anyone have a simple no frills example of how to do this.


Depends on how you are using touchOSC and what you want to do. One thing that helps is knowing that the multi-push is close to the same things as having separate push buttons next to each other. Each one should have it’s own unique OSC address / MIDI CC.

Personally I’ve used touchOSC with only MIDI mappings much more than OSC. Attached is an example vvvv patch and corresponding touchOSC layout. Perhaps it helps? (2.6 kB)