Music visualizer examples/tutorials

Hey all,
By the lack of responses, I’m assuming implementing Winamp visualizers would be no easy task in VVVV. That being said, I need to hit the ground running trying to create a visualizer in VVVV. Does anybody have any examples that might be helpful? I’m starting to get the basics down pretty good, and I’ve been messing with FFT4Channels to get some interaction, but I don’t have the foggiest idea how people do some of the amazing visualizations that I’ve seen on the site. Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated.

Hi again

All I can suggest is trawling through these forums and also looking at all the user pages here. Most have some interesting modules that you can pull ideas and direction from.

Also look at the girlpower folder in you vvvv install directory. There is plenty of nice looking stuff in there.

Do amazing visualizations isn’t easy with vvvv. There is other software that is much easier to do it with but you won’t be creating anything new there. vvvv really allows you to create your own style of visuals. but this comes with time and experimentation.

Best to start by working thought the tutorials, then start doing some simple experiments and get your head stuck in. Experience will bring results. If you don’t have a basic understanding of the foundations you won’t be able to understand how the patches in the girlpower folder are doing what they are doing and you’ll learn nothing from them.

vvvv is like a sword fight, you must think first before you move.

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Good luck.


just a little thing to add is that the way you gonna create your visualizations would depend a lot on what you want.

If you want to have a generic visualization working with any music you need to think differently than if you want play your visualizer all the time on the same music.

  • For Generic visualization, a nice way is to use FFT data as bands (like the wimamp equalizer) and beattrackers can work quite nicely.
  • For Non real time/same music, you can go deeper into the fft slices to find the most interesting ones, or use the timeliner node and add values yourself into it depending on your specific music.

Each way works pretty much very differently.

Have fun.