Hello all
as i am slowly learning how to use vvvv i want to start experimenting with multitouch in it. I cant buid my own Mt table atm but i can buy a monitor with this capability.
I stopped on 2 of them : around 350 euro
and around 250 euro

My question is does anyone have any of those 2 and if they work with vvvv.
Also if you are using some other manufacturer and can give advice .
Just trying not to spend money on something that may be useless to me.

Thanks in advance :)

Bump …

Noone have Multi-touch monitor ?

Sorry, no experiences with these but I am also very interested multitouch screens that work well with vvvv.

I thought that there might be some tablet or wacom solution. A tablet that would also function as a an external touchscreen or a wacom touch screen… Just to make the expense of a multitouchscreen more usefull than just testing stuff in vvvv.

I have Wacom tablet but that’s really not useful for testing multitouch interactions or gestures ( good for painting though ).

The plan was to buy me an MT monitor that i can work and test on, as it is still useful as a normal monitor.

Will try to contact few companies that sell these 2 models and will try to convince them to allow me to test, this way we can have some answers.

As i said i really don’t want to buy something that will not be in use for me .

Will see another day or two if someone have some info and will report back :)

I have a viewsonic multi touch monitor that seems similar to the one you linked. So far i have not been able to reliably get the multitouch into vvvv.
Using HID the two touch coords have the same pin name so vvvv cant seem to distinguish them from each other.
I’ve got touch2tuio ( ) working a couple of times but it is very temperamental
So what i’m left with is using the XY pins on the renderer for single touch input, but this has the disadvantage that a touch will not cause the pins to change until you drag slightly.

the dell you linked to has 10 touch points which if you can get it into vvvv would be way more versatile than the viewsonics 2 point gesture focused implementation.

Perhaps a plugin could be written using wmtouch for more native touch support

i’m using windows 7 (maybe windows 8 does it better)

Hey there ,

so far i have seen that Windows 8 has a lot of trouble with vvvv … anyway

i agree about the Dell monitor but its still not worth byuing if it doenst work in vvvv …

The way i look at it seems i should either give up or go and buy me a PQ frame … But thats going to happen when i am more comfortable with vvvv coz the damn thing will cost me 700$

Hoping for a MT node for now :)

hi there,

i’m sitting here in front of a viewsonic cdp4635-t (4 point touch screen) with the same problem.

the bugger is the HIDDecode (Devices) node, which creates multiple output pins with the same naming (e.g. 4 times “X Axis”). this is of course a problem because trying to connect something to the second pin with something of the same name will result in an immediate connection to the first pin of that name.

i guess it would be possible to read into the HID descriptor specs, find out how to decode it and rewrite the parts that are responsible for the pin naming. now the description format is quite complicated and after looking into this for some time i gave in :(

using touch2tuio may work in some situations but i do not consider it ideal. i wish the HIDDecode (Devices) node would do some auto renaming on pins with the same name or even better accumulate all values of pins with the same name in a spread.

anybody else have an idea how to deal with these (pin) problems?

you may try for yourselves with the attached patch.

hid_demo.v4p (10.8 kB)

@skagrush @motzi: please check latest alpha which should create all unique pin names on HIDEncode and HIDDecode.

hey joreg,

this works for me - thanks!

now i just have to find out why the touch coordinates are in such weird ranges…

in case you are using the digitizer usage page (15) the x and y values might be swapped in endianess. don’t know if the hid decode is taking care of that.

and also check the msdn page on digitizers, pens and touch. there’s a site somewhere which sometimes is half max ushort and stuff like that

regarding swapped endianess:
the nodes AsRaw (Value) and AsValue (Raw) have a hidden Byte Order.

regarding multitouch nodes:
upcoming release will contain native support for touch input. for details see keyboard-mouse-and-touch-news