Multitouch tabel

Hi everyone,

The last few weeks I build a multitouch table and it works perfect. Especially the beer holder :) Everyone can see it on

I’m using ccv for tracking and handeling the tuio protocol.

Now I stuble on vvvv and it looks great. But how I can use vvvv with my multitouchtable. If you see this video it is become clearily.

Can someone please help me? Every component is in the list on the projectpage but how do I made this end result?

With regards,

Rogier Mars

I think there shouldn´t be a problem to use your setup in conjunction with vvvv, you can for example send the the tuio messages to vvvv via OSC.

But if you are new to vvvv and want to achieve similar visual effects to those in the Progress Bar video, it wont be possible for you right away because it involves some pretty advanced patching.

I´d recommend to start by going through the tutorials/video tutorials to get a basic understanding of how vvvv works.