Multitouch hardware

Hello all
I have a question not quite related to Vj-ing but i have no idea where else to ask.
I am in need of a multitouch panel ( for development purposes, any size as a start ) but … i dont just need a multitouch screen but the digitizer part preferably with USB conection.
I am developing a piece of hardware and i need to integrate it behind a glass , i know some panels work tru glass.

So if anyone knows and have a contact/information to for a manufacturer for this kind of technology please contact me.
Thank you in advance
I only used the 22" and 46" ELO monitors, single-touch and multi-touch. But according to the website they have touch-screens (without the monitor) >
You know goes way beyond VJ-ing you asked in the right place.

Thanks for the input and sorry for the late answer ( been away few days )
Will have a look at this and hopefully will find what i am looking for