Multitoggle (animation) bug

I wanted to use this node to make a simple “chaser” (I am not that good to understand the whole Automata thing).

But the Helpfile seems a bit buggy to me.

If you press the ‘switch’ (a bang IO box), it always seems to move 2 places, in stead off one, what it suposed to do. (does the same thing in my own patch)

Too bad, because it seemed prety usefull for me.

Any sugestions how to build my chaser now?? :)

Have you got a tog edge in there?
But came here to post a bug, that could be the same…
I’ve got an lfo with a spread on the phase, going to a change/togedge that I want to do a four count with ,chase ie chase 0-1-0 along the spread, and it double steps on one of the steps, is this what you see too? Happens in 8.1 and 9, I’ve noticed it before but its not mattered, this time i wanted an even chase.
I got round it with some = nodes (epsilon 0.1 to catch the lfo otherwise it missed it sometimes) and a stallone to turn them into a spread afterwards, so that could do it too?


here is a multi toggle workaround for west:

MultiToggle.v4p (6.5 kB)

a rephased LFO for cat.

and now i try to find the bugs in the code …

LFOPhase.v4p (2.9 kB)

ok, the LFO phase bug is fixed for the next release !

gregsn is sitting at the moment on the multitoggle thing …

i won’t comment on details of the bug. but solved, yeah.

Kyle Already Helped me with a simple Chaser, but thnx Tonfilm :) This one might be usefull as well.

So many ways to reach the same trick… hehe…

Thnx for listening btw :) (that is the xtreme cool thing about you 4v people!!)