Multiscreen with 2 projector nodes

I know how to use the multiscreen/soft edge setup with my matrox triple head and I also know how to setup a projector node to do some mapping, but how to combine them?
I am trying to write a patch so I can use 2 projectors for a frontal mapping setup with soft edge.

…this is what i came up with but I am not really sure it is the right way to do it…

root.v4p (24.0 kB)

This seems to be way better but still not right, I see I can just add some arbitrary transform to fix it, but isn t it correct this way?

root2.v4p (19.0 kB)

This seems to be the good one, I just removed the connection with the crop transform, dunno really why, i guess that the ¨cropping¨ is done within the projector node…