Multiscreen patch

  1. to what the various values of softedge gamma correspond?
    Do they represent differents curves?

  2. Due to the residual light on black of two projectors superposed, when using softedge, people need to increase the black level of non overlapped part of screen to be the same of the overlapped one. Will you introduce this kind of pin in a next release?

the gamma pin controls a gamma curve correction for the gray ramp (see e.g. Poyntons Gamma FAQ) having two projectors projecting 50% brighntess will not be the same as one projector projecting at 100%. the gamma pin allows you to tweak the computer output to match your projectors gamma. as i would not rely on any projectors manuals i would just tweak the value to get the best result.

  1. this is actually a quite subtle effect. it should be possible to simulate this with a white Pillow set to 0.02 alpha drawn on top of everything (but beware of depth buffering issues)