MultiScreen not working/connected

the MultiScreen(EX9) in the folder modules/vvvv group/EX9 is not connected resp. got the wrong path.
please have a look at the attached pics.
any example how i can connect it the right way?
it’s in beta21.
may i just replace the whole folder (EX9) with the one from beta20?

MultiScreen (EX9) help_2009.05.27-11.27.25.jpg (225.8 kB)

zweites bild

MultiScreen (EX9 Spanmode)_2009.05.27-11.30.42.jpg (62.2 kB)

iirc, just redownload and install b21 again, there were some broken connections, fixed a couple days after release…

or have a look at HowTo edit wrong Paths quickly

everything working now after new download.
g a