Multiscreen multipatch

HI all,
I’m new to vvvv so I apologize for stupid questions. I’m searching the correct way to do an instalaltion and I would like to know if vvvv could be the correct choice.
I have to split graphics on 17 pc/monitors like on a videowall, but the screens are not simmetric I’ll create a 11 by 4 monitor matrix and eg. the first row will have 2 monitors
the second 4 the 3rd 3 and so on in a non symmetrical view. I saw that boygrouping can send data to the pcs but how can I say to show only a part of the entire scene, like from coordinate 200,200 to 300,300… that is my first questionthen is there a tutorial on how to creat multiscreens?
it’s possible to create a keyborad driven patch system/mixer? like press a key show patch 1 and when I press key b the patch freeze and then change the color or speed etc.
thanks in advance

I proceed with my project and thanks to kalle and his patch I understood the boygrouping and the multiscreen divider. The original patch (1234_kalle) works with video files, I changed the source to a live video feed, my question is if I can spread the slices of live video via boygrouping.

thx, but i can’t remember that i did any boygroup patches…