MultiScreen (EX9) vs. MultiScreen (DX11) - bug?

I am trying to use MultiScreen (DX11) to get edge blending across multiple renderers, and it does not seem to work like the DX9 version. Specifically, selecting a Crop output has no effect on the renderer - see attached patch.

I have read the other threads about how things work different with DX11, but have found no example on how to get the same effect as with the DX9 node. Even the DX11 help patch has the second renderer nodes just disconnected.

So why does selecting a crop slice have no effect in DX11? Thanks!

MultiScreenDX9vsDX11.v4p (13.5 kB)

As vux said:
MultiScreen module is not so useful nowadays unless you get a single scene and no post processing.
Doing your warping/softedge is much easier by rendering scene to texture first, then applying:
Bezier Patch
And make a small custom shader to realign uvs from overlap + apply small gamma, which is rather trivial.

Have a look here

Yes, I have read those threads. I do have a single scene and need no postprocessing, and need to update DX9 patches with as little impact as possible. Those threads have no example solutions in them. The nodes @vux mentioned seem to be about assigning things into viewports, not assigning where a renderer is looking into a scene, so it is far from obvious what needs to be done. How to make the patch I posted here work?

The proposed solution, to render the scene to a texture and then send it to the various renderers, requires knowing the resolution of the output renderers back further in the pipeline, which is is messy, builds in dependencies, and I do not see yet why it has to be done. (Not to mention that texture will get HUGE with many output renderers.) Taking care of everything with crops and viewports etc. seems much more efficient and hardware independent.

And it seems like a bug that the crop output appears to only have one slice in it. If that is not a bug, can someone explain what “crop” and “viewport” mean in this context vs. DX9? Thanks!

Or is the DX11 Renderer ignoring the Crop pin?

try this contribution
basically u can build a multiscreen system based on this ‘approach’