MultiScreen DX11 problem


I’m doing a projection with 2 projectors and edgeblending. Here I’m trying to use MultiScreen DX11 module but I can’t get it to work correctly. I attached the patch to show you the problem.

Thanks for you help. (27.9 kB)

what cha looking for called viewportindex (validator)
can’t patch it on intel card for some reason (

Hi vvvvorum,
here same problem of @lecloneur.
I need 2 different render with softedge but seems the method used in DX9 doesn’t work. The Transformations Index is missing in Renderer (DX11) so if you toggle Calibrate you always see screen number 1 and softedge is always on the right side, also on the 2nd render.

I read also this thread but I don’t found any solution:

Please, look at the attached patch.

Any suggestion?

MultiScreen (DX11).zip (22.5 kB)

Nobody has ever made 2 projections with softedge using DX11!?

hey i noticed the missing of that pin in the latest vvvv or dx11 version, dont know whats of the both is the problem.

However you can run it fine with 32.1


Tranfomation Index has been removed, and is replaced by the more flexible SelectViewport (Layer) (which also allows you to route selection across several renderers).

Alternatively you can also use ViewportArray (DX11.Layer) which is also really handy but generally to make the most of you will require a geometry shader.


MultiScreen module is not so useful nowadays unless you get a single scene and no post processing.

Doing your warping/softedge is much easier by rendering scene to texture first, then applying:

  • Quad/homography
  • Bezier Patch

And make a small custom shader to realign uvs from overlap + apply small gamma, which is rather trivial.

Thanks vux

Nice thanks for clearification. Will wrap my head around it in next occasion.