Multiscreen bug

Hi Devvs

I have a setup where I have been awaiting beta27 so I can use waveplayer. and it seems to work but the multiscreen setup is really weird now.

Screen wise it worked nice in beta26 but now in beta27 both sides of my multiscreen setup are screen number 1. after fiddling around with it the two screens comes back in the right order but it seems that the edgeblend has moved to the wrong side of each renderer.

really weird. I am trying to isolate and post an example and I will as soon as I have it.


Found consistent bad behavior:

the patch here is created in beta26.

it is a dual screen with edgeblend setup and render the multiscreened renderer to two new renderers using constant shader.

when opened in beta27 both renderers show screen 1 until I open the subpatch with the multiscreen setup in after which it goes back to normal.

I have in the real setup also observed that the facding edges are in the wrong side of each screen, but can not get that behavior in this example.

-sunep (2.7 kB)

the same behavior is present when the patch is made in beta27. and has nothing to do with the extra renderpass.

see attached file.

-sunep (1.4 kB)

temporary workaround is to save the subpatch containing the multiscreen node as windowed.

it seems that the edgeblend being in the wrong side is not the case… it seems to be fine in that regard

Any progress on this bug?
it is still present in the latest alpha 2012_14_02-00:43