Multiscreen boygrouping renderer

hello everyone,

i m sitting here and trying to run a multiscreen boygroup setup with one server and eight clients. all works slow but fine when displaying one renderer from the master on all the clients.
if i go to fullscreen on the clients as described in the Boygrouping Basics the screen only shows black.

How can i define, which renderer from the multiscreen setup goes seperated to a single client (id)? such as…renderer A go to client 5…

Hi simple,

i am not sure how your patch works, but it sounds like you have one renderer for each client. if so, then you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how boygrouping works. having 8 renderers can increase the workload for each machine by 8… which is surely not what you want.

the idea is to have one big scene and only one renderer and depending on the client ID you select another view/projection transformation to show a different part of the scene on each client. the renderer has a system for that build in. so i’d suggest you start with the help patch of the MultiScreen (EX9) module which explains all you need to know.

to get the client ID you have to use the Boygroup (VVVV Client) node (boygrouped) which outputs the id of the client depending in the order of the client IP addresses you put into the Boygroup (VVVV Server) node (not boygrouped).

hi tonfilm,

thank you for the help.
yes, i think i had a misunderstanding about the boygrouping, thanks for the hint. i´ll try to fix it.
my sketch with the different renderer was actually looking like this.

yes, this about the worst you can do… ;)