Multiscreen 3 video outputs

Dear guys,

i am using the multiscreen node and dividing an image into three but they are all coming out in one renderer one next to the other and not on two different renderer like the other multiscreen dual, so what kind of hardware to i need to split the images ? or is there a way to output to three different screens ?


hello dai , there are 2 multiscreen modules dualview and spanmode , you must be using the span mode in which you could split the parts of one renderer with a matrox dual or triple head for example , if you want to have diferent renderers use the dual flavour and place each renderer in your deseired graphic cards outputs .

thank you, i got to this stage i think i am gonna use a matrox triplehead but the thing is that how to give each screen it is own part, in other words in the span mode i am rendereing in one renderer three screens one next to the other, how can i divide them to display each part on one screen…

I don’t really understand your question, but if you mean that every screen attached to your triplehead2go shows the same image, then you should change the renderers horizontal resolution from (for example) 1024 to 3072 (3 x 1024). That’s my experience (using windows 7).

Hope this helps.