Multiply two videos

hi @ all
iam a newbie in vvvv. =P
i try since two day to multiply two videos from two cams.
over each video lays a black square, but in different positions.the sqaures were made by two textfile mask. Now if i multiply both videos, the black areas should become to the pictur of the other one…
its important that i can replace the mask areas with the picture of the other camera…

it sound a little bit confusing, so i attached a eg. file.

the aim is to get bothcameras in one the upper half should be the first camera and in the lower the second camera.

could anybody help me??

thanks for answering


DualVideoComb.rar (4.7 kB)

lets have a look on in shaders section: and the blend.fx

you have also a more advanced shader present in svvvitcher ( you have to search for it inside its shader folder), that has two or three more mode wich may help you to overlap your 2 videos

if i well understood?

as far as I can see you want to have the top part of one video to be in the top half of the renderer and the bottom part of the second video to be in the bottom half of the renderer.
My suggestion would be to use texture transformations, see attached example.


mask_two_textures.v4p (7.3 kB)

masking or multiply ?

Bureau.7z (4.4 kB)

hey guys great! now it works…
thanks for your help!

the attachment from karistouf brought me on the right way.
the blend.fx node was the solution for that problem.

ahhhh… finally i didn t mismatch ( champagne ! )

7IHd: be aware about reporting DX9texture from a renderer will resolve a lot your approaches troubles…