Multiply mesh in CPU

I have a simple mesh and I want it to repeat it on the y axis, easy, linear spread on the translate-y and tweak width as necessary, send to shader. But now I cant retrieve the whole mesh…
So I tried to reconstruct the same thing but on CPU: mesh split, vertex buffer split, repeat the indices, add a value to the y axis, repeat… and fail miserably.
basically I d like to be able to use the same linear spread+transform3D that I use to repeat the mesh in the shader to multiply the indices in CPU and get the same result (but a single object).

hey io,
i did a quick patch of the problem as i understood it.

hope it helps in a way.

meshmultiply.v4p (11.3 kB)

mercy!.. no text …

ejej… merci …better

no problem.
you also should try to get your head around dottores particle guide. it explains very well how to handle bigger meshes and the cool thing is, you can transform them using rgba data from textures.

so in your case you could build all the meshes on the same coordinates and then define texture coordinates for each mesh. then you can apply your linear spread on the green channel of a dynamic texture and transform the mashes with it.
everything keeps very flexible this way.