Multiply matrix4x4 by vector3d in plugin

how can I multiply a Matrix4x4 by a Vector3D (like the applytransform) in a dynamic plugin?

This site says it can be done with the * operator:

but I get an error saying that the * operator cannot be used on VVVV.Utils.VMath.Vector3D and VVVV.Utils.VMath.Matrix4x4

is it not implemented or am i missing something?


i think it’s more like Matrix.Multiply(FOutputi,FTInputi);

FVectorOut[0](0) = FMatrix[0](0) * FVectorIn[0](0);

the above code works for me when the variables are defined like this:
ISpread FMatrix;
ISpread FVectorIn;
ISpread FVectorOut;

Thank you joreg!