Multiple videotextures possible with mesh?

Hi everybody,

i’m a big newbie in mesh etc. and so i’m working with a simple cube, based on triangle or quads, to play different videos as textures on every side. But when it moves in 3d-space the edges are flickering very heavy. Is there any sollution, to work with a box based on mesh-functions, where you can address every side seperately and play videos on them? Or isn’t it the right sollution, improving quality of the cube?
Thanks a lot!
Greetz P.i.o.

there is a limitation in the video texture logic which does not allow spreads of video textures.

the easiest way would be using 6 quads which 6 videotextures and transform the quads, so that they will form a cube. you will note that playing 6 videos at the same time will probably not give satisfactory quality.

For improving quality check the Renderer node in the Inspektor. Note that there are two parameters for “Antialiasing Quality”

you could also be hitting a limitation of the depthbuffer. while at the renderer in inspektor make sure to set the dephtbuffer value to the higher value.

maybe you could post a screenshot of the flickering you mean…

there is a limitation in the video texture logic which does not allow spreads of video textures.

iooaa…at least you can Cons (EX9.Texture) several videotextures together…

here is a screenshot of my problem with textures. When cube moves in space the texturesides, which are currently on the backside, flickers over the viewable sides…
I tested antialiasing, wait for frames, depthbuffer, resolution etc. nothing did really solve this problem…
maybe i can test, disabling the sides, which are currently not viewable…
Do you have any ideas?

flickering.jpg (43.7 kB)

hm…this should really be a depthbuffer issue then, although i don’t see it in your screenshot.

could also be that your cameras view on the scene is kind of extreme so that the dephtbuffer runs out of precision. are you using Camera (Transform Softimage) or a handcrafted camera?

play around with zoom and pan (fov and translation respectively). move closer, zoom wider vs. move further, zoom closer…

for sure you tried Cull (EX9.RenderState) ?!?

Thank you very much for your help!
Cull is the one i searched for. Stupidly i’ve never realized it before.