Multiple Video

I’m about to set up a small system for streaming multiple videos from a single computer and wondering if anyone ever tried to playback multiple videostreams decoded by the gpu (dxva)? If yes, does it have any significant impact on the overall render capacity?

I’m also thinking about streaming video from a SSD instead of a regular harddisk to improve the performance. I would be interested if anyone has ever made any experience with that.


I’ve had multiple mpg2’s stream with gpu decoding, but that was all I was doing so I dont know if affected the render capacity or not, seem to remember get 6 or 8 going…
I’ve used SSD on a MAC, we had 6 animation codec with alpha channel movies at the same time, so they’re fast!

Thanks Cat! Sounds very interesting.

Alpha Channel
Most probably all codecs on windows dont properly deal with alpha channels. So you wont get any alpha channels on videos the easy way. This is a well known windows annoyance.

are you using flv ?

No this was on osx, I was commenting on the drives, they were Mtron’s and very fast, had the try out how many layers we could get ! With photo jpgs you can apparently get 15 or 16 PAL simultaneously, this is with a catalsyt media server, by the way.
Can you play flv’s with v4? I’ve never tried!

Do you remember which mpg2 en-/decoder you used - any recommendation?

MPGenc, and Nvidias Decompressor, I think most cards do it by default now dont they?


For our mapping we have used multiple video stream.

On one project one file of 1280*720 and 3 to 5 in different resolution at the same time . All were encoded in H264.
We were using 2 10k Raptor Disk in Raid . It was working really nicely.

We have made too at Lightup Bristol a stream of one file of 3072*768 in H264 which was playing nicely too.

H264 is nice because of the hardware management( Nvidia)

It will depend after all on your Pc setup .
Our set up Quad Core @ 2.6 Ghz - 4 Go Ram - 2x Raptor 10k … )

SSD disk of course, even expensive, are in RAID the best solution.

Let me know if you need more infos


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