Multiple video playback dont start simultaniously and synced

Hi guys, long time no see :)

I am trying to play 4 videos in 4 different renderers and they must start all at the same time because they all have the same duration and must be perfectly synced during playback.
What happens to me is that the first time i hit the play button for the 4 filestreams nodes these are the playback positions reported me by the filestream node:
video nr1: 8.9250 s
video nr2: 8.9250 s
video nr3: 8.8930 s
video nr4: 8.8850 s

As you can see they have not started simultaniously infact the third and the fourth have a little delay on the first two…
But the worst thing is that after 30 minutes of playback (each video has a duration of about 2 mins) the playback positions reported are these:
video nr1: 8.7270 s
video nr2: 8.7160 s
video nr3: 8.7130 s
video nr4: 8.7140 s

Now the difference between the playback positions of each of them has changed again (you can just see that by noticing that the first and second video are no more synced)! it seems like it is loosing some frames, maybe on the looping point of the playback…

I have installed the PICVideo M-JPEG Codec because i read that was the better performing for this kind of things…
The monitor refresh rate is 60hz and the video has a frame rate of 25fps, videotexture is set to Wait for every Nth frame:1, but i dont think this last one could be the problem…

What do you think its happening? how can i achieve a perfect sync?
Hope you can help me, thanks

helo crash,

vvvv uses directshow for playback and multiple directshow-graphs are not synced per se so what you see is standard behavior.

please check if this thread helps you:

thanks for the help joreg, i will have a look at that and see if it works!
i’ll update the post with new results as soon as i have done some test

They all have the same length, so what I would do is adding the 4 video’s together (either by preparing the video upfront or by using avisynth), and opening this single file, only showing the part you need on each one of your renderers.

the max video delay you are reporting is 40ms… that shouldn’t be a problem at all… its only about 2 frames…