Multiple Video Composition

Hi, I’m new vvvv and was wondering if anyone had any idea how to get a start on a project I was thinking about.

What I want to do is form a dynamic video composition from segments of other 3 other videos, which are segmented as well. The dynamic video composition needs to be able to switch feeds between the fragments of the 3 playing videos.

This sounds a little confusing so I included a sketch that hopefully makes it a bit clearer.

Any would would be great!


Cross (2d)
Transform (2d)

  • few filestream should do the job.

like this
on a side note I noticed some things doing this little example.

if you attach a IOBox (String) to the file input of the FileStream it does not keep the correct file loaded

and it would be really handy with a spreadable Switch (Node)


videoswithcer.v4p (21.0 kB)

oh, nice spelling in the file name of the patch

wow thanks! i’m going to try and understand this now thanks so much for the head start