Multiple UDP sends?

Is it possible to use multiple UDP sends in one patch.
E.G 30 sends each with different port numbers?

Is this possible or is it just a world of pain?

ai digi,

why not just spread one UDP (Network Client) .
and are you shure you need 30?

It would be better for me to just use 1 but I’m working on a project with a friend and its easier for him to set each piece of hardware (led panel) to listen on one particular port.

Were just figuring out possibilities at the moment but the plan was to send one section of video information via one port number to one panel, the next to the next port number/panel and so on.

If this is not possible we’ll just have to ID each packet for each panel.

ok, as i mentioned the port of the udp-node is spreadable…

Oh! Sorry, I misread your post!
I didn’t realize this was possible! Excellent.

Just to confirm I’m doing things right here, Ive attached a patch.
Is this correct?

Spreading_ports.v4p (18.9 kB)

Think it looks okay, but better use the I (spreads) node instead off that modified Linearspreadone you are using. ;)

Superb! Ah, i(spreads) of course, thats the second dumb monet ive had today!

joreg, is there any possibility to send in broadcast ? could be less performance eating …

fcourse. just specify a broadcast IP, like:
the .255 makes for the broadcast in the 192.168.0 range.

Just a follow on from this same subject. If i really need to use seperate UDP nodes intead of just spreading 1 node are their any issues? In which order are the packets sent? I.e all of th one node, then the next etc…or the first packet from eachnode, the second etc?

Hopefully I should be able to use just the one node, im just trying to anticipate future issues. ;-)


no known issues. every udp-client sends all its data before the next udp-client is being evaluated. all data of all udp-clients is being sent in the same vvvv-frame.