Multiple Touch screens


I am thinking about an application with 8 monitors and 3-4 touchs, actually not multi-touch. How can I read this in v4? HID Node? or is there another way to do this?


What do you mean exactely with 3-4 touchs?
But most likely the screens are coming with TUIO drivers and you can go with the TUIO decoder node

hmmm, normal touch screens with TUIO?

well not all of them comes with tuio but most of them has somewhat human understandable HID specification. only problem that every single device series probably has a unique bit-optimized way of transfering data. if you’re lucky the coordinates are 8 or 16 bit uint ordered. you can check it with AsValue (Raw) and set the format to Byte. other backdraw is with HID node that it has a built in S+H so you cannot tell easily that the user is touching the screen or not.