Multiple tecniques at the same time

Hi guys how is it going ¡

I have been reading the pixelshader Tuts and of course I have many doubts and those are my first questions related to the wonderfull world of shader .

just for learning i was messing with the helloworldinpink so i did another technique with the oppsite ,whenever is black get a color , the thing is that i wanted to use them both but i can not when i change the technique also i try to join
if (col.r == 1 && col.g ==1 && col.b == 1)
col = HelloColor;
if (col.r == 0 && col.g ==0 && col.b == 0)
col = inside;

but i could not so i did one technique in a render and the other in dx9 + shader + renderer as you see in the pic

is it posible to join in the same technique ?

Is it posible to use more than one
technique at the same time ?

what is the technique pass pin for ?

No rush
just to keep learnig
thank you ;D

NewbieShade.jpg (50.8 kB)


the code you posted looks alright. should be possible to combine this within one pixelshader.

technique pin is for switching different “function” inside one shader. eg. one technique for the keyed output, another for the matte generated…

as far as i know, it’s not possible to use more techniques at the same time. you’d have to combine the code of both