Multiple sliders changing different indices

Hey there!

This one drives me crazy:

If I have a spread of 26 zeros and I want to change index positions 0,4 and 5 with one slider. -> no problem with setslice.

But how can I achieve this: One spread, bunch of sliders, each of them should change a different number of index positions (no doubles)?
Like slider one changes index 0,4,5. Slider two changes 1,2. slider 3 changes 3,8,9,10 and so on.

The attached patch shows my approach with one slider.

Any ideas?

sliders.v4p (14.2 kB)

why not use multiple setslice nodes (one for each slider)?

well, in the end I’d like to have one spread in which every value is changeable depending on the slider values and their assigned indices.

I guess I should just reconstruct my database so that the indices I’d like to change with seperate sliders are not wildly mixed. Given that I could use multiple setslice nodes and then use cons or stallone to pack all the stuff into one spread.

you have so select the slider value multiple times, depending on the count of the indices you want to set:

sliders_0.v4p (10.8 kB)

Superb. Thanks Tonfilm!