Multiple renderer nodes wont work properly?

when i start vvvv and open a patch which contains two or more renderer nodes, the output of all of them appear in each others windows, like they dont target a certain window anymore.

i have never seen this before and was wondering if anyone has and if so has solved this?

thanks in advance!

Have a look here maybe:

patch, or it didn’t happen… ;)

thnx everyonishappy! its aero still dont consider turning on aero a proper solution but well for now i guess it will work

m4d: this is not a matter which occurs in a certain patch its in the whole system so there is no patch to give, saying that it doesnt exist then is really not helping anyone…

i wrote my answer at the same time as kyle and yes, it can help tremendously to have an example patch just to make sure that we’re on the same page here so chillax…
also hate it or love it, but there are quite a few professional applications out there which need aero to be turned on nowadays. (e.g. most autodesk apps)