Multiple output spreads

Hi folks,

I’m calculating scores for a game. At the moment I need to create a subpatch for each user-score. I would like to have a generic / spreaded solution needing only one subpatch.
N spreads for n users.

score-spread.v4p (14.4 kB)

I am looking really hard at your values, but have NO idea on what you want.
Can you make a simple example? I see “23 el” but that 23 is nowhere to be found in your output.
And the 2 spreads above “loose” “win” are both the same?

Help us help you.

Ok the spreads are confusing.
Math is not my Problem, but for more insight:

Input is divided by 10 and then rounded.
round 0> 23 / 10 = 2,3 ~ 2
round 2> 44 / 10 = 4,4 ~ 4

n:user-count, x:score
winner: n * x
round 0> 4
round 2> 8
looser: x * (-1)
round 0> -2
round 2> -4

The problem is the Sift node:
I want a spread for each Filter (ge/el/ph/etc.)

same node a bit clearer.
“loose” “win” spreads are now different ;)

score-spread.v4p (16.2 kB)

Looks like a weird game if loser can get more point than winners.

Well, I did it with a big work arround, convert players and winners to nummbers. Tick I learned long time ago for a multitouch. Hope it works for you.

But if you have “n” players, you can NOT get “n” spreads (as you asked for desired output), because you cannot generate a spreads “dynamicly” that is why you keep ALL the players and the scores in 1 spread.

Can only work if you have a fixed amount of players, than just use a stallone or something.

score-spread_1.v4p (36.1 kB)