Multiple Multitouch-Screens Crashes on fast touches

Hi there,
I am working on a project with 5 Iijama Multitouch screens (2x 1080p, 3x4k). I am playing one big 8k Hap Video, which is cropped and fed into a subpatch. The 5 instances of the subpatch then use “SetWindowState” functionalities to move a Stride render window to the corresponding screen and set it to fullscreen. Also “resizable” is deactivated and “Border Less” is activated.

Nevertheless, when I touch on one screen and then the other, for a very short time (one frame) the white window bar of the renderer shows up (on the screen that is currently touched and the one beeing previously touched). And if I do a lot of fast touching on various screens at the same time, after a while there is also the following Microsoft .NET Framework error message pops up and everything freezes. This already led me to not use the Stride touch functionality, but only the Skia one. So no fancy Stride-touch-nodes are in use (luckily, only a part of the screen should be touchable at the end, and I can workaround that with Skia) Any Ideas what to do? :-/

Screenshot 2022-07-18 160313


Many greetings and thanks in advance, Lorenz

Just out of interest, are the screens bascially using IR frames, guessing each one has a USB connection? And you are using a single computer with 5 screens attached?

Hi @SuperflysiNZ,
the screens are all from the Iiyama 39MSC series (e.g.: ProLite TF4339MSC-B1AG) and are touch capacitive. They are all connected via USB to one USB-hub and than to the PC. The Windows native touch recognition works actually super well, and also with the Skia Touch nodes it’s working like a charm (same for the Stride-Touch Nodes, minus the crashes described above).

And yes, they are all connected to one computer. But I just posted another entry, about the problems with that: Strange performance behaviour with two (different) graphic cards and HAP Playback

Many greetings, Lorenz

I wonder if it could be something to do with the USB hub, I’ve had issues before where the hub was causing issues, and home running each USB device to a different USB port assisted. Something to try for sure.

@Lorenz Regarding the crash with the touch events. Can you join us in the Element chat please and ping me there (@azeno)? Since we lack the setup you describe I’d like to send you a custom dll to test with.

Hi again,
thanks for the feedback! @SuperflysiNZ I will be back at the setup only next Monday, but will test if it is a problem with the USB port and/or otherwise write @Elias on Element ;)

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