Multiple multi touch screns

Hi All

I have been asked if it is possible to use multiple touch screens with vvvv on one computer.

I have found this as an example of a touch screen:

I am just wondering if it will work at all, I recall using several mice on one computer makes them all affect the same pointer so no multiple mice. does the same issue apply to multitouch screens?


hi sunep

it’s depends on system. on XP you’ll have one cursor even on dual-touch frame. but win7 supports multi-touch in system.

for vvvv it depends on touch-screen manufacturer. for my projects i’m using samsung 21,5" touch m,onitor with bult-in nextwindow frame. it perfectly works for dual-touch with vvvv NW plug even on XP.

i tried one of MSI systems (very similar to shown by you), and its touchscreen work with HID nodes, but it was really tricky to decompose signals from hid codes to real actions.

the best if, you’ll ask about frame manufacturer and possibilities to recieve its data via tuio.

hope thats help

Might be worth having a quick look at glovepie too, I remember we were using multiple mice and cursors at one point. Might not extend to touch, but I have not looked at the software in ages.

Use a Touchscreen with rs232 connection , then you can get the data directly in v4 and use the data as you wish. With usb connection it might be more difficult.

@sanch rs232 frames are professional, aren’t they? in terms of prices it’s not best choice

i got one 12" with screen for 100 euro on ebay