Multiple kinect 2 on one machine

has anyone tried this?

On my machine when I plug in the 2nd kinect the 1st one stops working…

Kinect2 uses a lot of traffic on the USB3.0 Bus. So if this should work then only if having separate Usb3.0 hubs to be able to cope with the high amount of data that gets send, I do not have that in my pc for testing unfortunately - also i dont know if the SDK can handle.

ah, just found out the sdk cannot :(

Unfortunatelly, Kinect SDK 2.0 does not support multiple K4W sensors.

“Kinect for Windows supports one sensor, which is called the default sensor.”

Project RoomAlive utilizes multiple K4W sensors, however:
"Each Kinect v2 must be hosted on a separate PC. "

I just ordered a machine with an extra usb3 host and will run a test with a virtual machine/udp communication next week, let’s see how that works…

nope - none of the VM products actually supports dx11, which is needed to run the kinect :(

libfreenect2 is an open-source K2 driver, so at least theoretically it should be possible to experiment with it and see if MS’s claims about data limits are real. I don’t think that anyone has tried more than one K2 with it yet, and there is no vvvv plugin for libfreenect or libfreenect2 (yet) but should not be a huge deal. Ah, for some free time to play…

Looking around, someone can handle 2 kinect sensors with libfreenect2.
In the main readme they say that someone reported up to 5 sensor connected to an high-end PC.

for kinect 1 I learned that you need a seperate usb controller for each sensor. e.g. front and back usb ports on a tower pc should be different chips. …i assumed that it’s the same for kinekt 2, but never tried.